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Name: High-speed Mark Cutting Machine
Product Number: c0009

GBC—1150C high-speed mark cutting machine is a new model is made by Xi'an Blackbull Machinery Co., Ltd in order to adaptation to the cutting of multi-layer aluminum paper-plastic composite material based on original paper cup and paper bowl cutting machine and it has already been used in bowls and the covers of Master Kong instant-noodle efficiently and accurately and got users’ praise.

Since the bowl and its cover of instant noodle is multi-layer composite printing material with enough flexibility and inadequate stiffness and this kind of material is easy to deform under the influence of external force. Delivery cannot be finished by common cutting machine that can lead an abnormal operation. Master Kong made several co-operations in innovative technology with the enterprises in Japan, Korea and Germany and got no any achievement with twice the effort.

Due to the rich experience of our high-speed mark cutting machine in the cutting of paper cup and paper bowl, we have overcome technical barriers of the material through experiment and test after we accepted the task from Master Kong and applied for patent rights for its two items including flexible material synchronous traction device and trimming die negative pressure adhering pop-up device.

It achieved operating speed of 250-350 times/min in practice which completely resolved technology bottleneck of high-speed mark cutting of aluminum paper-plastic composite material and achieved technological innovation in production of bowls and the covers for domestic and overseas instant food.

The meaning of innovation is that printing material is in a matrix arrangement when traditional technology is adopted in the production and printing material is in triangular arrangement when new technology is adopted. Due to different printing arrangements, it can make the saving of printing material reach 11%-13% and save the cost of RMB0.01 -0.013 Yuan for every bowl and cover. If there are 10 billion usage amounts in China, more than RMB 100 million Yuan for material expense can be saved. Take the following drawing as an example, under the same longitudinal length, six bowl covers can be arranged in traditional method and seven ones in isosceles triangle arrangement. Only 912mm-884mm=28mm of material total width is added.


Therefore, the break in the arrangement method and technology will achieve enormous beneficial results in the whole industry and will certainly cause revolutionary overturn of the traditional technology.

High-speed mark cutting machine made by Xi’an Blackbull Machinery Co., Ltd has five-year operation experience and the primary product has already applied three patents

1. Off-line flat pressing flat cutting

  Patent number: 200920031748.2


2. Testing & alignment device for secondary die cutting mark of printing offline

  Patent number: 200720032029.3

3. Division batch-type automatic-feeder equipment

  Patent number: 200820028564.6

These three patents are core patented technologies of high-speed mark cutting machine. The cutting frequency for the equipments with the same functions from Germany, Japan and Korea can not break 220times/min, due to different delivery methods, the cutting rate reached 500 times/min during experiment in Blackbull Company, but operating rate proposed by the company is 300-350times/min. The operating speed can ≥250 times if special material is needed to be protected. There are five patented technologies supported one product that creates unique technology and reaches the world leading level.



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