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Product Details

RY - 1050 cascading flexo printing machine, it is black cattle in xian machinery co., LTD. On the basis of the unit type flexo machine to produce new models. This machine is a combination of unit type and the characteristics of satellite flexo machine has simple operation, overprint accurate, compact structure, low energy consumption, suitable for paper, film, metal foil printing. The machine can be used for environmental protection, medicine, food packaging paper bags, baby supplies and surface paper printing.

Second, the machine characteristics

Ⅱ. The Machine Characteristics

1, cascading flexographic printing presses, compact structure, rational layout, most compatible seven color printing.

2, printed after the completion of the concentrated dry, dry line length, the machine speed is high, dry power is small.

3, pickup on the way, the machine is easy to operate.

4, cascading printing, the machine has a good stability and high speed.

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