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Product Details

Name: RYT-1500 Metal Decorating Press
Product Number: c0018

RYT1500 flexography press on iron sheet is necessary equipment for calendar production line.It is applicable to print on the surfaceof 0.2-0.8mm thin metal stripe material.The flexography plate cylinder adopts air inflatable roller to meet the requirement of quick loading and unloading printing plate.The printing plate cylinder and the printing roller can separate in great extent to enable the metal stripe joint smoothly passing by.The printed metal stripe material goes through the lengthened drying line of infrared ray radiation and hot air circulating compound drying  henting so as to thoroughly dry the metal decorating ink film.A single DC motor to supply the printing power is set in the unit printing part and themotor can synchronously work with any metal stripe material continuous production line.When the unit is used as a metal stripe material flexography press,it can be incorporated with winding, Unwinding and process treating system in accordance with different demands.



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