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Product Details

Name: RY-540D Multi-Technology Combination Flexo Press
Product Number: c0017

Model RY-540D press is a multi-technology combination printing press developed in our company specially for the package with more complicated process technology such as cigarette trademark and various boxes, etc. The machine is based upon unit type press. Each printing unit adopts drawer structure and change quickly. Except matching standard flexographic printing unit, the flexographic press inverse printing unit, infrared gravure pressing unit, UV gravure foaming printing unit, rotary gold stamping unit, round screen printing unit and impression & die cutting unit, etc. can be also offered by our company.

It can conveniently associate multi-processing technology to finish the processing of different products with stronger on line working ability and higher automaticity. It has obvious competitive advantage in comparison with single technics printing equipment. Our company can also develop different kinds of special devices for individual consumers to complete some peculiar technology and production.

◆ Infra-red drying flexographic printing group      

◆UV drying flexographic printing group

◆ Infra-red drying rotogravure printing group        

◆UV drying rotogravure printing group

◆ Round press round link gold stamping group     

◆Radium radiation dark pattern transferring group

◆ Round press round impression group                 

◆Round press round die cutting group

◆ Upper waste winding unit

◆Longitudinal cutting unit

◆ Non-stop paper receiving & unwinding unit       

◆Simplex location electric fluctuating unwinding unit

◆ Non-stop reel alternation & winding unit

◆Simplex location electric fluctuating winding unit


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