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Product Details

Name: RY460 Flexographic Press
Product Number: c0020

RY460 unit flexographic printing have the functions of six-color printing, lustering, impression, die-cutting and rewinding single sheet on platform or continuous big roll rewinding on line.          1. Unwinding device: Adopt rocker pneumatic loading device.2. Printing device: Adopt independent disconnection double acting structure of plate roller and ceramics roller. In printing region, offer semi closure ink fountain and organic glass protective cap. Via adopting multi-measure to effectively solved many problems of printing such as dry plate, tinting and dirty belt, etc. 3. Impression, die-cutting, collection and waste elimination: The last work position of the machine is impression die cutting work position. The box printing product can be processed into finished product on line. The single sheet is collected via high&low speed belt collection platform, namely add the film lamination technology. The constant glue label printing can be fulfilled via upper waste collection and the lower waste collection adopts exhauster to outdoors. The particular motion rewinding mechanism is equipped in the winding region of the machine. The joint mode of center rewinding and surface rewinding has been adopted. The rewinding is tidiness, tightness, stabilization and high speed.


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