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Product Details

Name: RY-300E Flexographic Label Press
Product Number: c0021

RY-300E Flexographic Label Press is a kind of newly designed label printing .With the compounded consideration of the feature for printing inside label of the membranes and the common label, this press is designed with water-cooling hold printing roller, system compatibility of high efficiency UV drying and thermal infrared drying, and multicolor non-shaft printing and automatic registering system. This press adopted a structure of platform, and has many functions such as material treatment, 8-color printing, UV and thermal infrared drying, circle press and rotary die-cutting on the connection line, upside scraps reclaim, pieces or sheets collection and rewinding. And there are many components to be selected, such as membranes covering, back side printing, cool air transferring, and hot gild-printing. The press has the features of higher automation, high productive efficiency, high printing quality, compact structure, and convenient for operation. So this press is the best choice for inside label membrane and sticky label printing.


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