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Product Details

Name: RYZ-1050 paper cup pringting& punching machine

Product Number: c0023

RYZ-1050  paper cup pringting& punching machine is our company specially for paper cup and dish's characteristic, To adopt printing and die-cutting all-in-one's design proposal. Resolved the problem of continuous printing and intermittent die-cutting.And used mechanistic fashion guarantee the precision of printing and die-cutting. This machine is for home market's paper cup designed.Adopted printing and die-cutting all-in-one's design proposal.  Simple processing,Compared with traditonal adherography process can saving paper 5%-8%;Used green water ink printing cup paper and dish can satiable the domestic and international market's levels of hygiene. Used mechanistic fashion to feed and position.It's good for structure compaction ,high speed and reliability.Thus,It can provide high quality paper cup.


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